Stop #3: Jordan Pond Moraine

Follow signs along the Acadia National Park Loop Road to the Jordan Pond House. The Jordan Pond House sits on the moraine.

N 44°19’21” W 68°15’06”

Jordan Pond Moraine and Delta: The broad rocky ridge that borders the south end of Jordan Pond is an end moraine composed of sand, gravel and till deposited into the ocean at the margin of the retreating glacier, about 14,000 years ago. The south end of Jordan Pond was once the edge of the ocean when the sea level was 240 feet higher than it is now.

Surrounding Attractions:
The Jordan Pond House restaurant is famous for its tea and popovers. There is also a visitor’s center and larger parking area with access to Acadia’s famous carriage roads. From the south end of Jordan Pond is a spectacular view of The Bubbles, Pemetic, and Penobscot Mountains. There is a flat gravel trail that leads around Jordan Pond, which is accessible to most people and is worth the time it takes to make the trip. The Jordan Pond Trail is reached via the Jordan Pond House and the Jordan Pond Parking area.