Stop #2: The Bubbles

Acadia National Park, Park Loop Road. The Bubbles are visible from the road, and hiking trails lead to the summits There is a parking lot located along the western half of the Loop Road past the turn off to Cadillac Mountain. The Bubbles can also be viewed from Stop 3.

N 44°20’34” W 68°15’22”

The Bubbles are two small mountains located on the northern end of Jordan Pond. They are asymmetrical pink granite hills that were abraded and smoothed on the northern side and quarried—rough and steep—on the southern side by overriding ice. The Bubbles got their name because of their unusual shape. When viewed from the southern end of Bubble Rock

Jordan Pond, the twin mountains look bubble-like. They are different from most other mountains on Mount Desert Island (MDI); rather than the typical elongated shape of most mountains there, they are instead more round.

Bubble Rock or the Balance Boulder is perched precariously on the southeast corner of the summit of the South Bubble. This large rock was transported from the area around Dedham Maine and left in its current position as the glaciers receded thousands of years ago. Bubble Rock is clearly different from the rocks on which it sits. Bubble Rock is made of white granite rather than the pink granite that makes up the Bubbles and the surrounding mountains. It is called a glacial erratic.

Surrounding Attractions:
The Bubbles are accessible from two trails; there is the much steeper Southern Trail that leads from the Jordan Pond Loop Trail to the summit of the South Bubble. It is a short hike, .6 miles, and offers wonderful views of Jordan Pond and the surrounding mountains. The Bubble Trail is short, about four tenths of a mile, and not very steep, quite accessible. Start in the parking area right off of the Park Loop Road. The trail doesn’t offer any views until the summit of either mountain. Both the North and South Bubble peaks are accessible from the trail. There are no restroom facilities at the trail head.