Stop #4: Somes Sound

Somes Sound is visible from many different places. There are several points along Routes 3, 198 and 102 that offer views Somes Sound. Sargent Drive, (autos only) which is right off of Rt. 198, also has wonderful views of the Sound.

N 44° 19′ 35.0826″, W 68° 18′ 18.6834″

Somes Sound is the only fjord in the eastern United States. A fjord is a glacially sculptured narrow valley with steep semi-parallel sides and a trough-shaped bottom which has been partially submerged by the sea.

Surrounding Attractions:
Somes Sound is visible from many different places. There are several places along Rt. 198 near Somesville that allow one to walk along small rocky beaches.

Sargent Drive, which leads along the eastern side of Somes Sound, goes from Northeast Harbor to Rt. 198. There are two mountains that have good views of Somes Sound, Norumbega Mountain on the eastern side and Acadia Mountain on the western side. Both are easy mountains to climb, they have short loop hiking trails to the summit. Parking is well-marked for Norumbega mountain right off of Rt. 198. Acadia Mountain also has well-marked parking located along Rt. 102 just outside of Southwest Harbor. Echo Lake, a popular swimming spot, is just off of Rt. 102, close to the parking for Acadia Mountain. Both Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor are lovely places to visit. They offer some nice little restaurants and stores while not being nearly as busy and crowded as Bar Harbor. Passenger ferries run out of both towns that will go to Great Cranberry Island or Little Cranberry Island. Both islands are worth a visit. The Isleford Historical Museum is on Little Cranberry Island; the museum has some interesting artifacts from New England’s rich maritime history.