Stop #27: Submarine Fan

Route 1, Jonesboro. Stop at the University of Maine’s Blueberry Hill Farm.

N 44°38’40” W 67°38’48”

Submarine Fan: This large, rounded hill of sand and gravel, with a volume of about 1 cubic mile, was deposited by meltwater discharging from an ice tunnel. However, the discharge was insufficient to build the deposit to sea level; therefore it is called a submarine fan rather than a delta. The University of Maine’s wild blueberry research facility, the Blueberry Hill Farm, is located on this fan.

Note: This is private property. These are research blueberry fields; do not walk on the blueberry fields, or pick berries. You are fully responsible for your own safety and for any damage to your property, and that of the owner by you while on site.