Stop #9: Sullivan Lamoine State Park

Sullivan, Lamoine State Park, Route 184. Picnic and camping area with views of Frenchman Bay

N 44°27’11” W 68°17’59”

Glacially shaped bedrock is exposed on the shoreline east of the boat ramp. The shape of the ledge, with its well-preserved striations, indicates glacier flow to the southeast.

Surrounding Attractions:
Lamoine Beach is a small, quiet beach. It is not quite a traditional sandy
beach, but rather it has little pebbles. This can make for uncomfortable walking, so beach shoes are recommended. This beach is child-friendly; the waves tend to not be quite as large as those at other beaches in the area. There is also a place in which a car can be backed down in order to launch a boat. There is a small parking lot as well. The site is the location of a former Naval coaling station, active up to the 1930’s. The town of Lamoine is not far away with a small convenience store.