Stop #22: Peat Bog

Northeast of Cherryfield on Pea Ridge Road. From Pea Ridge Road, the peat bog is visible in the lowland to the south.

N 44°39’51” W 67°48’51”

Peat Bog: Pea Ridge Road traverses the Pineo Ridge delta and moraine. At this location overlooking the freshwater peat bog, you are on the grounding-line moraine. To the south is a peat bog that formed in a depression after relative sea level dropped below this level. The bog is at least 35 feet deep and occupies a depression that may have resulted from a melting iceberg stranded against the moraine at a time of higher sea level.

Note: This is private property. These are commercial blueberry fields, do not walk on the blueberry fields, or pick berries. You are fully responsible for your own safety and for any damage to your property, and that of the owner by you while on site. Dirt roads are not suitable for large RVs.

The above map marker is placed at the latitude and longitude provided in the location description.