Stop #18: Moraines

North of Ridge Road. No specific stop, several private, unmarked dirt roads traverse the moraines.

N 44°39’35” W 67°53’11”

Moraines: The Big Rock Ridge area displays a series of well-defined grounding-line moraines formed in the sea as the glacier retreated northwest about 15,300 years ago. They, as a cluster, are part of hte Pineo Ridge Moraine Complex. The large granite boulders dropped off the front of the glacier. Most have traveled in the ice flow up to 5 miles.

Note: This is private property. These are commercial blueberry fields. Do not walk on the fields or pick berries. You are fully responsible for your own safety and for any damage to your property, and that of the owner by you while on site. Dirt roads are not suitable for large RVs. Property may be gated. Call Wyman and Son Co. (207-546-3381) for access permission.